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Get The Proven Colorado Probate And Estate Administration Guidance You Need For A Smooth Process

At Lyndsey Richard LLC, we provide compassionate personal support and counsel to personal representatives (commonly known as “executors”) and trustees – individuals who have been designated to coordinate the administration of a person’s estate after their death.

We’ll work closely with you to review all circumstances and offer clear steps for tidying up and closing all affairs – whether or not we’ve been involved in drafting the will, trust or other original estate planning documents.

The Small Estate Limit And How We Can Help

If necessary, this administration period will involve probate, a court process that is required in Colorado whenever a person dies owning real estate in their name or whenever their non-real estate assets exceed $70,000 in 2021. This threshold number is subject to change and typically goes up several thousand dollars every few years.

During this administrative process, outstanding debts are paid and assets are distributed to beneficiaries. As attorneys who have decades of Colorado estate planning, probate and administrative experience, we regularly assist with:

  • The management of all legal responsibilities of the personal representative or trustee
  • Preparing and filing all necessary paperwork with the probate court
  • Decisive and sensitive assistance with important immediate needs – custody of minor children, management of businesses, caring for pets and securing the home
  • Deferring existing mortgage payments
  • Gathering asset information, information about debts and claims, and medical bills
  • Tracking all assets, debt payments and disbursements, and providing ongoing updates to beneficiaries
  • Forwarding the decedent’s mail
  • Coordinating with Social Security and employee pension representatives
  • Locating original documents, including a will or trust and insurance policies
  • Arranging continuing trust administration

We offer the guidance you need to ensure all tasks are completed to the letter of the law and by deadline. We understand that losing a loved one can make this time emotionally difficult. We are here to provide the legal assistance you need so that wrapping up these matters is less burdensome.

Helping You Move Forward After A Loss

When you agreed to take on the role of executor or trustee, you may have been in a different place in your life or emotionally. After the loss of a loved one, it can be a transition to move forward. In some cases, the additional responsibility, serious nature of the tasks and the strict deadlines can be overwhelming. We are here to help in any capacity you need us. For more information regarding your probate and estate/trust administration needs, please email our firm. Our team can also be reached by calling 303-848-8352. We serve clients throughout the entire Denver area.

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